How to ALWAYS get a Discount on Tickets, Hotels and Car Rentals

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Nowadays nothing has a fixed price. The hotel rate you checked in early in the morning is already more expensive in the afternoon. Car hire varies in price depending on the weather and  nobody understands the black magic behind the airline fares.

But did you know that people from different countries pay different amounts for the same products? This tactic is a marketing strategy called Geographical Pricing and is present on most of the websites we use to prepare a trip.

This is because when you surf the internet without the protection of a VPN you are exposing various information about you. Take a look at how much a website can know about you.

In this post, I am going to teach how to dodge evil marketers and save even more money on their next trip.

Incognito Window

This is lesson # 1 of the internet traveller’s guide. All the following steps understand that you are using a private tab (aka porn window). If you have no idea, Google “Anonymous Tab” + the name of your webbrowser.

Change your location

Take a look at the price of these two tickets. They are identical, same route, dates and were quoted a few seconds apart:

The only way we can get those prices is to pretend to be customers from another country. Something that sounds pretty complicated, but you can easily do it using a VPN. By clicking on any country in the map above or choosing from the list, we have access to all offers from other regions.

We already have an article explaining the importance of using a VPN when travelling. Going further we can use this secure network to teleport us to a country that gets a little extra when preparing a trip.

But does it really work? Let’s go to the tests …


Case Study

Round trip GRU x CDG – 07/Jan/2020 – 14/Jan/2020

I used 3 countries as base: Germany, Brazil and India

Prices in EUR with the exchange rate from the websites researched

To avoid an article with several screenshots. I created this album with the full content. Here I will show only the  important bits.

Discount Flights

From experience, I know those buying in Europe is cheaper. The process to find the best price is straightforward, do the research in 3 or 4 regions and buy the cheapest one. Using Skyscanner, the result was:

A difference of € 55, as we usually don’t travel alone, we get a good € 110 off

Booking Cheap Hotels

The price of hotels is usually fair, regardless of your location. Sites like generally show the same price and hotel options for all customers.

Other portals like Kayak and Trivago have slight variations, as we will see below. However, it is worth noting that the list of available hotels varies according to the region we are searching. So a VPN helps you find better options for your pocket / comfort.

Result using Kayak, hotels rated +7:


The difference may be small in the daily rate, but it grows according to the length of your vacation. In addition, many websites make regional promotions and using a VPN in conjunction with an aggregator such as Kayak allows you to access these discounts.

Cheaper Car rent

In this category we always find attractive discounts. As with hotels, different car options and even new companies are shown depending on the location of your VPN.

Result using RentalCars, cheaper vehicles with full-fuel policy.


The nice thing about car rentals is that the difference increases if we check higher categories. Take a look at the price difference for SUVs


We can see how this method would quickly save us almost € 100. Of course, the research could be expanded. Other countries like Switzerland (yep), Thailand and Argentina usually enjoy better prices. Which would further increase your savings on the next trip.

Having a VPN not only helps you with these discounts but also protects you on public Wifis and comes with several other advantages. If you’re like us and value your hard-earned money, this is a tip for a lifetime.


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