Cambara in Brazil has Awesome Canyons!

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Most people that travels to the south of Brazil are looking for cold temperatures, awesome BBQ, good chocolate, wine and everything else that comes together with the European atmosphere that cities like Gramado and Canela can offer. Althought, if you are looking for something else, there are great things to do of the beaten path. Meet the Canyon Fortaleza in Cambara!

 canyons-cambara-1Less than 150Km from Gramado there is a small village called Cambara do Sul. The town is part of a national park and resides in a region with more than 60 canyons. Near the city you will find the two most impressive. Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza. Is quite hard to visit both in one day so if your stay is short, pick the second one.

 canyons-cambara-2Unlikely most of the canyons you know, like the Great Canyon. Brazilian canyons are covered with grassland making it an entire sea of leaves that guarantees amazing views.

How to get to Cambara do Sul Canyons

Getting there is an interesting road trip. Although the roads are no in great conditions, the landscape in this region of the country are remarkable. We rent a car but there are also buses and private tours that take you to Cambara do Sul.

Like most of the towns in the area, Cambara welcomes its visitor with a charming entrance (also know as portico) but this one has something peculiar. An old legend says that the roads are haunted. To be protected, villagers built a stone car next to a saint altar. Gladly things seems to be working well.

 entrance-cambara entrance-cambara-2Once you reach the city, you can get a map in the tourist information centre. It is quite easy to move around and you definitely don’t need a professional guide. Just get prepared for  22km of dirt road, but the trip is worthy.

Both canyons have a checkpoint where a park ranger will ask for your details. There’s no entrance fee.

The Fortaleza Canyon in Cambara

 canyons-cambara-4As I mentioned, we only had time to check one of the Cambara’s canyons. But we feel that you can’t get enough of it. There are several lookouts with incredible views. Search for your perfect spot and relax while the landscape mesmerizes you and the silence is only interrupted by the echoes of wind.

We lost track of time and spent almost 5 hours in the park. We just regret not going to the other canyons or explored other trails in Cambara. But we were starving. Fortunately we found (another) great surprise.

Where to eat in Cambara

We were fortunate enough to find a restaurant called Galpão Costaneira. It is in an old building made of wood with very typical decor. The food is simply amazing, one of the best regional foods we tried in Brazil. It’s affordable, unusual in the nearby cities, and also offers an all you can eat system.

They also take credit card. Visitors from around the world use to write messages on napkins that become part of the table decorations. This place is another gem in Cambara!

More Information

  • The weather is unpredictable, there is no “good season”. You always need a bit of luck
  • There are no supermarkets or restaurants between Cambará and the Canyons. So get enought food and water before you go
  • Pick up your trash
  • Camping and fire pits is forbidden
  • Handcrafts are cheaper in Cambará  than nearby cities

Did you know about Brazilian canyons?

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