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The Aosta Valley is well known for its remarkable quantity of castles. However, it’s a fortress that shows up as one of the main sights in the region. Barely untouched since your reconstruction, the Fort Bard (or Fort di Bard) is one of the best samples of the XVIII century constructions.

800 years of history

The Fort Bard welcomes everyone that crosses the Aosta Valley. From a high hill in the margin of the Dora Baltea. The river that rises on the Mont Blanc.

With a view that causes envy in many skyscrapers, it is easy to understand the strategic importance and the reasons why the Fort Bard was the subject of several battles across 800 years.

 In one of those battles, Napoleon Bonaparte and other 40.000 men were defeated by an army ten times smaller that were able to hold the Fort Bard. The battle last two weeks and after the being defeated, Napoleon called the fort “Vilain Castel de Bard”. Something like “the cheeky castle”.

Very distant from the glory days and without military importance, the Fort Bard is currently one the most famous tourist attractions in the Aosta Valley. Equipped with elevators, parking lot, stores, coffee shops and even a hotel. It has a complete infrastructure to welcome every kind of visitor.

Bullets marks on the walls

Rooms  once  used to store warfare were converted into museums to unfold the Fort Bard history from its conception to the current days.

Corridors and small galleries where once roamed troopers are used to set photographies galleries. There is also an entire museum dedicated to the Aosta Valley in general and spaces used for temporary exhibitions. The old bunker in now one of the most important cultural hotspot in the region.

Make sure that you visit the small store and get yourself a souvenir from the Aosta Valley. This shop in the Fort Bard was the only place where we could buy such thing.

On the other side of the hill, there is a small medieval town. A village with several houses made of stone where the Fort Bard’s neighbours have raised their families for generations.

Don’t miss the Fort Bard if you visit the Aosta Valley, the view, the history and the experience are really worthy!

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