Aosta Valley: Explore the Castles of Italy

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The major attraction of the Aosta Valley are the castles scattered all around the place. This region in Italy is bordered by Switzerland to the north and France to the west and has more than 100 castles to explore. It is impossible to cross the area without being noticed . Practically every hill top has a fortification so the care because an uncontrollably desired to know all of them will caught you.

Most castles found in the Aosta Valley were inhabited by earls, dukes, the feudal lords of the time in Italy. These buildings are not palaces but real fortresses built over the centuries with defensive features . A difficult task is choosing which castles to visit , so if you is travelling around the Italy and are looking to experience the history, check out a selection of the best castles  in our opinion.

We are going full medieval!

Before traveling to the Aosta Valley…

Verres Castle

The tickets prizes are affordable and you need check the opening hours because vary according to the castle (usually closes at 5pm). The tours around surrounding the Aosta’s castles such as courtyards and outdoor areas are usually free, while the internal are always visited with a guide. being forbidden to photograph.

Sarriod de La Tour Castle

Picture from Wikimedia

It is a small castle located in Saint Pierre commune. Built in XV century and today those walls loaded with history, serves as the headquarters of the Regional Natural Science Museum with many relics of the Aosta Valley . There is also a small chapel with rustic ornaments that were covered in the various reforms that the site suffered . The highlight is the last room that mixes the magic and the bizarre . Imagine a roof supported by several stakes horizontally, adorned with a several figures carved . Animals , gods, elves , folk and mythological figures all with their own meanings.

Sarriod de la Tour entrance

Reale di Sarre Castle

The Royal Home

Only the central tower remained  from the original architecture the castle. The residence that belonged to Italian royalty may not seem interesting to those who pass by surroundings but what is hidden inside the building surprises. Acquired by the almighty in Italy regions, Victor Emanuel II , the royal castle served as a dwelling for the first king of Italy when he was hunting in expeditions by the  Aosta Valley. Luxurious rooms and an fancy spaces, all designed and decorated by renowned names in the country.  The focus is on room ” trophies ” bearing hundreds ( or even Thousands ) of ibex and chamois skulls adorning the ceiling and walls . It is amazing by  the creativity but leave us shocked by the cruelty.

Picture by Claudio VL

Reale di Fenis Castle

Pictube by Wikimedia

It was one of the castles we most liked in Aosta Valley! It has two layers of walls built of pentagonal shape that blends harmoniously with other towers. It is a curious fact because all buildings were built at different times. It has dozens of rooms, bedrooms, dungeon and also houses a chapel with frescoes by Giacomo Jaqueiro.

It’s a pity that photography in these areas is prohibited. Of all the castles we visited in Aosta Valley, this is the one that provides a very good immersion in the middle age and presents the common ” ideal” castle. We spent hours exploring each corner and didn’t realized that the castle was closing , resulting in a kind invitation to leave the place. A must in Italy!

 Savoia Castle

The history of Savoia merges with the Aosta Valley. For years they were the lords of the region and references to them are found everywhere .The Savoia Castle differs much from other in the same region. Its location is a bit further away, very close to the border with Switzerland. It is one of the youngest buildings, completed in the XIX century. So is much more to a fairy tale castle than a medieval movie. Unfortunately we could not visit their inside , but its facade worth  a lot and gave us some beautiful pictures that looks like postcards.

Fort di Bard

Not a castle but not less important. It is a mandatory stop for all who visit the Aosta Valley. It has so many attractions and a huge historic importance. More than 800 years of history starting with romans ans passing by Napoleon. A must!

We hope that these places have awakened in you the desire to know more about Aosta Valley and help you to decide which castles to explore in Italy. Remember that there is a plethora of castles and other buildings open to the public.

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