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Whenever  this blog could have a sponsor or advertising. We will use all income it generates to reinvested on travels and then share information here. This does not means that we left our honest and true opinions about the products/services which companies commercialize.  We will never endorse a service/product/company that we did not trust and use. However, we are not responsible for the actions of the advertisers or sponsor. Every time that some product/services is provided by any advertisers or sponsors, rocknrove.com will notice you. For us the most important is to maintain transparency and your confidence.

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Rock N’ Rove.com has a goal to publish our travel experiences and you always will find our honest opinions. We travel because love explore every corner of the world on our way. Everything you read on this blog was written freely and autonomously aiming in share our journey with you. We make no warranties of any kind mentions in our posts like current prices, opening hours, website addresses or any information. We will always to our best to have the latest information, however go the road is important check for changes on the official resources If you find any discrepancy information, please contact us and we will be happy to rectify and maintain our texts updated so that others can benefit too.

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