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efore set foot in that transparent sea and have access to all pampers a Maldives islands resort can offer, you must go through a marathon. There are several routes that lead you there. In our case  were 14 hours till Dubai, with a 10 hours stopover which gave us a chance to make a quick and intense visit  to the United Arab Emirates. Departing from Dubai more 4 hours till Maldives islands capital, Malé.

maldives island airport

maldives island seaplane

The Maldives are an archipelago with more than 1000 islands that supports whole cities and exclusive resorts, only reached by boat or seaplane.

maldives island overview

maldives island overview

The only option to the resort we stayed was going by seaplane. Before boarding, we were “gifted ” with a pair of earplugs that saved our life along the way. Believe me, the noise of the turbines can make your flight a nightmare!

 maldives insland pilot

During the pre-flight safety demonstration, performed by a pilot wearing flip-flops, you have the impression of hear something like:

"Dear passengers, welcome on board Paradise Flight. Please fasten your seat belts, because in a few minutes you will have the opportunity to see that God exists he had the ideia to create something called Maldives islands."

maldives island seaplane overview

 maldives island seaplane overfly

The flight time lasted on average 25 minutes. Enough to let everybody surprised with stunning sights. People tight themselves to reach nearest window, pointing here and there to show some unexpected shape among Maldives islands.  Multi shaped forms surrounded by a gradient blue and green, results in a breathtaking landscape!

 maldives island seaplane maldives island resort

Land at the sea is delightful, soft while water droplets washes the windows. A one of a kind moment. This flight package is expensive, just like the many things in Maldives but the experience is priceless! 

  • Always choose the seat near the window and away form the turbine (not our case). Not just it appeared on our pics but that was the dirtiest window also.
  • The only company that does these flights in Maldives islands is TMA

What destination took you breath away? Let us know in the comments below.

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