Hi there!

We are Ralph and Andrea.

Probably, we are just like you. Regular people, with regular jobs, few days of paid vacation a year, bills to pay and a pack of goals to achieve. However, we are addicted to a couple of things: Travel and Rock n’ Roll.

We are not full time travellers. When not on the road, we are planning our next trip. Our travels are generally on a budget. Although,  we do care for comfort. You won’t see us happy with a shared bathroom or dorm full of people. But if there is no other option, we can deal with that.

We love to explore the world on our way: no travel guides, on alternative routes, a backpack and an awesome soundtrack. We can be on the beaten path sometimes, but the b-side of most places is what turn us on. We go distinct!

Distinct people lead to distinct places, food and experiences. So we gather all of those and write them down here.

"We collect miles, fridge magnetics and stories. The good thing about this illness is its lethality against boredom."


The Blog

Back in 2010 we started the We Rock Tour, a travel blog written on our native language. Although, the more we met new people on the road, the more they asked us for a version of our texts they could understand. The Rock n’ Rove Travel Blog was born for that reason as our second baby.

Our goal

Our main goal is to paint all the map below in red. It will be tough, but die trying is also an option. We believe that the world is full of amazing things to see and experiment that  stay limited to your neighbourhood/city/country is a waste of life.

Wanna help?

Did you like our project and want to help us? There are several ways you can do it:

Help us spread our word.

Do you know you can buy our pictures and hang them on your wall? Check it out!

All the money collected is reinvested in the blog maintenance and on our travels

Speak up!

You are more than welcome to join the journey with us! Tell us what do you thing. Are you living the dream and travelling full time? Give us your advice!







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